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Official Promo:  Tim talking about the tour and the groundbreaking concept

Concert Footage: "Drowning"

Concert Footage: "Zombie Nation"

Concert Footage: "Punx"

Concert Footage: Show Opening "Fade Into Darkness"

A series of extremely complicated aesthetic and technical challenges;

-  3D projection mapping onto a three sided organic shape

-  A very high number of lighting cues per song to reflect a real sense of "Watching the music" MIDI synced to each track

-  Ultra responsive custom software to allow Tim to work live and NOT dubplate, so that all beat specific cues in both lighting and video alter instantaneously to any change in track speed.


Concert Footage: "Feelings for You / Hells"

Concert Footage: "Superlove"  (NB: Timestamp 2:00)

Concert Footage: Overview

FUSE TV:  Interview with Charlie Alves (Head tech from PRG Nocturne)

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