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A$AP Rocky Tour (2015)


This design came together from a call with Rocky where he explained the need for a multi-layered set to reflect the different styles of his music over the years.  He wanted it to look "trippy" so I chose to avoid the cliché 1960s "trippy" and brought it into the 21st century with a very linear architecture.  I combined "layered" with "trippy" by exploring layering in both the stage depth and height.


"Time" was not our friend on this one, but the results were wonderful - a VERY happy artist!  It came in on time and within budget - with a lot of squeezing....  


A monumental "thank you" to;

-   JB Blot (Production Manager) for working so diligently, efficiently, and quickly to help get this tour off the ground with almost no notice.

-   Eric Pearce and everyone at SGPS.  You can tell the measure of a crew by how they adapt to change.  The guys "got" what we were trying to achieve and really worked well - very impressed.




Show Pics:

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