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Robin Thicke - USA (2014)

"Everything looks incredible! You killed it! Thank u for everything!" R.T.      March 7, 2014


All pics courtesy of the outstanding and inimitable Todd Kaplan.

(908) 803-3333

Show Pics:



“Robin Thicke came out onto the stage with red fog surrounding him as he sang “Give It 2 U.” Screams came from every direction as he strutted in his signature suit style. Despite his recent split with his wife, he came out with a big smile on his face and a burst of energy. After an introduction for his backup singers and band, “Pretty Lil’ Heart” was accompanied by a realistically classy bar background. The technicians in charge of visual did a great job capturing the mood of each song. From the thrilling color shifting in “Magic” to the 007-esque girls for “Sex Therapy,” the lights and graphics amped up the fun during the whole show.”


(Rock On Philly)

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